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Hi, Everyone. All my ladies that love great Italian Shoes!
Educator. Protector. Revolutionary. Poet. As a woman you take on all kinds of roles every day. Why not look and feel good doing it?
At Norie Shoes, we believe all women are warriors, and we women are constantly killing it! Whether negotiating a deal, leading a charge, shaping a mind, or sending a message, we act of our own free will, without concern for other people’s judgments. We imagine our dreams and make them happen. We channel our strengths. We stand on our power.
Just like Joan of Arc, Dahteste, Empress Wu, and Mino. These women warriors and others like them faced oppressive odds and high hurdles. But they cut their own path, made their own rules, and altered history. They set a new course and reimagined the future. They changed the fate of nations — and the fate of women who came after them.
Inspired by these women warriors, and made by women artisans, Norie’s Italian handmade fashions are beautiful and empowering expressions of women’s desires. I encourage you to look at this season’s collection, meet the heroines who inspired them, and learn more about these visionaries.
Which one inspires you? You don’t have to choose just one. That’s the beauty of being a modern-day warrior. To the victor go the spoils.
As a designer, businesswoman, and warrior, I am pleased to introduce to you my line of wearable and walkable luxury shoes, and I encourage you to stand on your power.
All my best,
Natasha Norie Standard
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Juana the Revolutionary

Juana Azurduy Padilla
A Bolivian guerrilla military leader from Chuquisaca, Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. She grew up in Chuquisaca and at the age of 12 joined a convent to become a nun. She was then expelled at the age of 17 because she rebelled too often. She married Manuel Ascencio Padilla in 1805, a man who shared her love of the indigenous populations in Bolivia. Juana and her husband joined the Chuquisaca Revolution, she then organized the “Loyal Battalions” which participated in the Battle of Ayohuma, and she participated in the Battle of La Laguna. She was so determined to the cause that she actually fought while she was pregnant, at one point, giving birth to her daughter, then returned to the fight soon after. At the highest point of her control, she commanded an army with an estimated strength of 6,000 men.
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Joan the Zealot

Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc, nicknamed “The Maid of Orléans,” was born in 1412 in Domrémy, Bar, France. A national heroine of France, at age 18 she led the French army to victory over the English at Orléans. Captured a year later, Joan was burned at the stake as a heretic by the English and their French collaborators.
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Dandara the Protector

Dandara was an Afro-Brazilian warrior of the colonial period of Brazil, 1694.
She was the only woman at the time to master the fighting techniques to fight many battles alongside men to defend Palmares, the place where escaped slaves would go, to live safely.
She was married to Zumbi dos Palmares and had three children. After being arrested on February 6, 1694, she committed suicide, refusing to return to a life of slavery. She is a mysterious figure today, because not much is known about her life. Most of the stories about her are varied and disconnected.
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WU the Teacher

Empress Wu Mei Zetian
Empress Wu Mei Zetian was the only female emperor in the history of China. The importance to history of Wu Zetian’s period of political and military leadership includes the major expansion of the Chinese empire to include engaging in a series of wars on the Korean Peninsula, her leadership resulted in important effects regarding social class in Chinese society and in relation to state support for Taoism, Buddhism, education, and literature. She reigned during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) and was one of the most effective and controversial monarchs in China’s history.
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