5 Great things about living in Italy.

1.  My favorite wine (Valpolicella) - as in America along the Autostrada (Italian Highway) there are gas stations my favorite are the Agip, there is all kinds of luxury products wines, chocolates, baskets, coffee, and then really cool cellphone accessories, camera accessories, and unusual toys and trinkets.  I would always find my favorite wine there and at the local grocery store, for approximately 8EURO.  

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2.  The architecture, the one thing I've noticed about living in Europe is the architecture, my country USA, is a fairly new country, compared to Italy.  The entire country has preserved it original architecture.  Around every corner, inside each nook and cranny you can find beautiful stones and streets and buildings and cathedrals.  

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3.  Milan fashion week need I say more.  

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4.  Modern architecture along side of 16th century buildings is amazing.  

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5.  Seeing true history and style come alive in real time.Luxury Shoes; luxury womens shoes; saks fifth avenue; sandals; boots; ankle boot; chelsea boot; sneakers; sandals; ballerina flat; flat; summer flat