Why Shoes?

Why Shoes?

Why I started my own shoe company.  

This is a complicated question and so I will answer the question in 3 parts.  There were 3 reasons I started Norie Shoe Company.

1.  I wanted to do what I wanted to do - After spending most of my adult life in the US Army and more than half of that in some country my mom had never heard of, not by choice but the experience was enlightening, educational and the food was awesome.  I am a foodie.  

2.  I have always loved fashion and in my twenties, I lived in NYC, near the UN.  I was lucky enough to work for an American Vogue fashion editor, and I just reconnected with her lately.  Working for American Vogue was amazing, stressful, and I learned alot about the fashion industry, fashion editors but, I was lucky because I only dealt with luxury brands.  That really molded my takes and point of view.

3.  I was and am frustrated seeing women use their hard earned money (50% less than men) on footwear that are not made for their feet but, to sit on the beautiful table in the Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Boutique on Fifth Avenue.  Women's footwear is the only consumer product good that it is cool/chic/fashionable to buy a product that is going to cause both long-term and short-term pain.  It's insane.  

I have been a shoe head ever since I could choose which shoes I could wear.  Both of my grandmothers, one from the tobacco fields of Kentucky and the other Mississippi with 14 brothers and sisters, and we knew them all.  They both always told me that you can tell alot about a person based on their shoes.  I started my shoe company in 2019 but, I have been a slave to shoes my entire life.  And, when I was blessed enough to live in Italy before all the outlet stores became overcrowded.  I was able to shop at Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Fendi, YSL, Chloe, Gucci, Prada, and the list goes on.  When, I look at someone, I start at the shoes, but, I have perfected the glance.  Now, as a shoe designer, I continue to be a slave for shoes, and luxury brand shoes, but now I am only a slave for Norie Shoes.